Detecting Cancer in Dense Breasts

Mammography has difficulty seeing cancer in women with dense breast tissue and/or implants because they obscure cancer on the mammogram.

Ultrasound does not have this problem. Fortunately, because there is no obscuring effect from the dense tissue or implants, small, invasive cancers can be seen.

What your breasts feel like or look like does not indicate what kind of breasts you have. Mammography is the only conclusive way of knowing your breast density.

SonoCiné AWBUS provides a consistent, repeatable scan of the whole breast, including the axilla (underarm/lymph nodes), which can find help doctors see what a mammogram may miss. Clinical studies show that adding SonoCiné to a yearly mammogram can improve cancer detection results.


Sonociné AWBUS connects to any ultrasound, taking advantage of the latest and greatest ultrasound imaging technology. It uses simple sound waves, making it safe for the patient. It requires no injections or radiation and is comfortable for the patient, requiring no compression.

Review of the images taken occurs after the exam in a properly lit, distraction free environment. Unusual motion spotted during the video review improves detectability of masses.

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