Saving Lives

Dr. Daniel Herron

When adding SonoCiné to our practice, my hope was that in the first 1000 dense-breast women screened with normal mammograms that we would find 3 cancers missed on mammography. We actually found our first cancer after only 70 cases and our second cancer after the 100th case.

Dr. Kevin M. Kelly

Almost 20 years ago, I realized that early detection of invasive breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue would prevent the ravages of both the disease and the effects of its treatment. Since then I have made it my single goal to provide an affordable, ultrasound method to accomplish this task.

Karen C.

It has been a year since my breast cancer diagnosis, and I wanted to thank you for finding it with the automated whole breast ultrasound.

Judy Dean, MD

I was an early adopter of automated whole-breast ultrasound. I have been using the SonoCiné system since 2005 and in our first 7000 studies in about 3000 women, I am proud to say that we detected over 30 occult breast cancers with SonoCiné that could not be seen on the mammograms.

Cathy Babcook, MD

We’ve done 600 SonoCiné exams and found four additional Invasive Ductal cancers that we could not see mammographically. So we know that we are finding breast cancers that otherwise we would not have been able to find if we were not using this technology in addition to screening mammography.



How it Works

SonoCiné AWBUS can be used with any high-quality ultrasound machines, to provide a consistent, repeatable scans of the entirety of both breasts, including the axilla (underarm/lymph nodes).
Clinical studies show that adding SonoCiné to a yearly mammogram can improve cancer detection results.
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