The Process

SonoCiné AWBUS provides a consistent, repeatable scan of the whole breast including the axilla (underarm/lymph nodes). Clinical studies show that adding SonoCiné to a yearly mammogram can improve cancer detection results.

The SonoCiné Method has three steps:

  1. Patient Preparation
  2. Patient Exam
  3. Interpreting the Results

Patient Preparation

SonoCiné has developed a proprietary camisole that fits like a sports bra, which holds the breasts in place and provides a sense of feeling of modesty. A patented hydrogel nipple pad enhances patient comfort and improves imaging of the nipple region.


Patient Exam

Similar to a hand-held ultrasound, the woman lies on her back as scan rows are captured sequentially from below the collar bone to the lower margin of the breast. This process, including preparation, exam and room turnover, takes under 30 minutes, and can be scheduled accordingly.


The SonoCiné exam is recorded as a video, to which the doctor can then give her entire attention in a distraction-free environment. This method of review has been shown to increase the detection of cancers as small as 5mm – 10mm in size.

SonoCiné = “Sound-Movie”