Common Patient Questions

Is the exam covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage depends on each individual site as well as the state where you live. First, when making an appointment, ask what the cost for the examination is and if there is any coverage with your particular insurance carrier. Coverage for this procedure is relatively new, so call your insurance to find out. If it is not covered, lobby your carrier to do so, because the mammogram may not be effective if you have dense breasts or implants.

How much does it cost to get a scan?

The cost of the examination varies and is dependent on the medical site offering it. However, the range is generally $160-400. Please contact your nearest SonoCiné provider for you out-of-pocket expense.

Where can I get a scan?

Please use our location finder to find a location.

What is breast density?

Breast Density is a measure used to describe the proportion of different tissues that make up your breasts. Breast density is not a measure of how your breasts look or feel, but rather how they appear on a mammogram.

Is this exam for women with implants?

Yes, women with implants are good candidates for SonoCiné AWBUS. Evidence suggests that suspicious masses can be more difficult to detect with implants much like in dense tissue, and there is no danger of damaging the implants.

How long does the exam take?

Plan on being in the exam room approximately 30 minutes. The examination itself is quick, but time is needed for preparation and removal of camisole and ultrasound gel at completion of examination.

Is there compression/does it hurt?

You will feel a light pressure as the technologist passes the transducer over your breasts. This is a painless procedure.

  • SonoCiné is safe, using only simple sound waves
  • SonoCiné is comfortable – No compression, use of nipple pad.
  • No injections
  • No radiation

How do I know this works?

SonoCiné AWBUS has been effective for many women. Hear their success stories.

Is it FDA approved?

SonoCiné AWBUS has FDA 510k clearance: “The SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound System is indicated for use as an adjunct to mammography, but is not intended to be used as a replacement for screening mammography.”

How is this better than a handheld ultrasound?

The SonoCiné system is designed to overcome the inconsistencies that result from handheld scanning. the inherrent complexity of hand scanning detracts from the ability to recognize subtle findings of cancer. SonoCiné technology robotically scans the entirety of both breasts to include the axilla (underarms) and records approximately 3,000 images, which are displayed in a movie format for the radiologist to review.

Do I still need a mammogram?

Yes. SonoCiné AWBUS is an adjunct to mammography for women whose mammograms may be inconclusive due to dense breast tissue and/or implants. Ultrasound and mammography show specific areas of interest differently, and are therefore equally important.

Common Doctor Questions

Is there insurance reimbursement?

Reimbursement will vary dependent on the insurance carrier using CPT Code 76641 (ultrasound, breast, unilateral to include axilla when performed, complete) and charged for each breast. Visit our Reimbursement page to learn more.

How long does the exam take to perform (acquisition)?

Depending on breast size and using a 5cm transducer, the typical exam time is between 3 to 6 minutes per breast and approximately 20 minutes in the exam room.

Do I need a dedicated room?

No, because SonoCiné AWBUS easily connects (and disconnects) from your ultrasound unit, you may utilize the room for other procedures as necessary.

Who performs the actual exam?

We train ultrasound and mammography technologists, and nurses, dependent upon site accreditation.

Do I need special training?

Other than training in breast ultrasound there are no requirements in order to read SonoCiné AWBUS exams. However, there may be specialty and sub-specialty requirements. Please contact us for more information on clinical education resources.

How long does the exam take to read?

With the experience of 50-100 cases, reading time depends on breast size and tissue heterogenity in normal patients, and typically range is 3 to 7 minutes.

Who else uses this technology?

Do you have clinical studies/trials?

Yes, read clinical studies or contact us for more information.

Is it FDA approved?

SonoCiné AWBUS has FDA 510k clearedance: “The SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound System is indicated for use as an adjunct to mammography, but is not intended as a replacement for screening mammography.”

How does SonoCiné compare with competing technologies?

Read about how SonoCiné AWBUS compares.

Will this work with my existing Ultrasound Equipment?

Yes, SonoCiné AWBUS connects to your existing equipment and works with most all commercial ultrasound machines.

Is this compatible with my PACS?

Yes, SonoCiné AWBUS generates industry-standard DICOM files, which can be transferred to, and retrieved from, most all commercial PACS systems.

What is the revenue opportunity with this technology?

Utilizing a supplementary breast ultrasound examination, like SonoCiné AWBUS, increases early-stage, invasive breast cancer detection by up to 100%, especially for the more than 45% of women with mammographically dense breasts and/or implants.

Radiologists are able to enter an additional revenue stream for their facilities by offering the SonoCiné AWBUS exam as an adjunctive examination to mammography for women with inconclusive mammograms.

Gynecologists are now able to provide an even more comprehensive level of care by offering SonoCiné AWBUS to their patients during annual, routine check-ups. The examination can be performed by a sonographer, and read by an off-site radiologist. For the interpretation of SonoCiné studies, we help providers set up process-efficient, turn-key telemedicine solutions.

The SonoCiné system can be financed or leased, conveniently and cost-efficiently. Our financial programs provide a variety of solutions, and are tailored to comfortably fit our clients’ budgets.

How can I get a sales demo?