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Despite spending $7.8 billion annually for screening mammograms in the United States, more than 40,000 women die from this disease every year. Invasive breast cancer (IBC) is the leading cause of death in this country for women ages 35-54. According to the National Cancer Institute, breast-cancer care cost the American public $13.9 billion in 2006. Obviously, our present approach to the problem is inadequate.

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Utilizing a supplementary breast ultrasound examination, such as SonoCiné AWBUS, increases small, early-stage invasive breast cancer detection by up to 100%, especially for the more than 45% of women with mammographically dense breasts and/or implants.

Radiologists are able to improve the quality of care for their patients as well as add a new source of revenue for their facilities by offering the SonoCiné AWBUS exam for women with inconclusive mammograms.

Gynecologists can now provide an even more comprehensive level of care by offering the SonoCiné AWBUS to patients during their annual routine check-ups. The examination can be performed by a sonographer, whereas the interpretation is provided by an off-site radiologist. For the interpretation of SonoCiné studies, we can help providers set up process-efficient, turn-key telemedicine solutions.

The SonoCiné system can now be financed or cost-efficiently leased. Our financial programs provide a variety of solutions, which can be tailored to fit our clients’ budgets.

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